Ti85 Programs etc.
by jim Cranwell
vanessa mae tribute
flunot Flux Theory superstrings guitar chord generator
Guitar Chords
Origami Ganesh

beeper  : decodes pager numeric message, 1 = space 
buckman: video game... enter 1 store BUCK at home screen to initialize  
calandar: calander maker 
calculus: integrate or revolution of solids 
collider: elastic or inelastic  collisions
cotan: makes easy use of... cosecant, secant, cotangent and their inverses 
decimal: Extremely long decimals 1/97 = .010309278350515463917525773195...
demoivre: de Moivre's theorem 
distance: distance between two points 
exactor : exact values, cos 30 or .866025403 = Ö3/2  (new starting denom=2nd)
factor  : x^2+5x+2 = (2x+1)(x+2) or quadratic
fish  : hanging fish physics tension problem... will you be my...?
focal  : optics... object/image/focal length program
fractor : any precision fraction, Pi = approx. 355/113, also continueds.
ghost  : video game... invisible man...enter 1 store GRL at home screen to initialize 
Gootin  : number guess game
gratio  : find golden ratio
guitar  : Displays any guitar chord, diagram of actual fretboard
guitar89  : any guitar chord, same as above but for ti-89
hangman : two player phrase guess game : one player...use "hanget" also
hanget : random sentence generator: enter "get" at hangman prompt... AB?GET
jumble  : alyssa = sylaas, salsay, slyasa, alysas, alsasy, lysasa...etc.
modes   : Keyboard scales, Ionian, Phrygian etc. diagram of Keyboard
pippi   : what was that licence plate ?
poker   : card game
prime   : Prime number generator, 401,409,419,421,431,...,400000001... 
prizm   : light angle change through different medium or index
pyramid  : if you're ever in egypt 
reducer : reduce any square root,  Ö64481201 = 401Ö401
roaxis  : rotation of axis
scanbase: Base converter, b2 thru b36, ALYSSA (b36) = 641557306 (b10)
slider  : sliding piece puzzle game
table  : creates table of values from function 
torque  : don't know, don't care 
timer  : enter 243 store q at home screen to initialize 
triangle: even does ambiguous
untax  : undo sales tax... find initial price $$$ 
vavoom  : number guess for idiots 
vector  : dot, cross, projection etc, 
wavelnth: Frequency, hertz, angstroms
yada  : multiplication trainer 
yoyoduck  : video game... enter 1 store DCK at home screen to initialize 

India Colors

note: Click on program of choice then right click, select all, another right click then copy. now open up ti-graph link available at www.ti.com then goto "file" then select "new program", paste the program into view box...it should look normal again, name it, save it, download into calculator. Reason... couldn't upload *.85p or uuencode programs to web site, had to use text.

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