Properties of Escolano & Manners
By Jimmy Cranwell 11/11/98

Part XI

The uniqueness of Escolano

Birthday :
Escolano was born Saturday, July 22nd, 1967
Escolano's next birthday
Escolano is a goddess.
Superbrain :
Escolano is one of the few people in all of history that can see things correctly,
if Escolano thinks about something and gives you her opinion, it will be accurate information. Her eyes are wide open, big and beautiful and so is her extremely rare property on planet Earth.
Personality :
Escolano is very friendly and everyone loves her, not because they want to, it's because if you know Escolano, you have to love Escolano.
The Laugh :
When someone tells a joke and Escolano thinks it is funny, Escolano will let out a surplus of laughter. So if you create anti-humor or tell anti-jokes, Escolano will let out anti-laughter.
Jumble :
When you mix up the letters of Escolano you get :
"ocean sol" , "loco sane" and "cola nose"
Sol means the sun, so that means sun on the ocean or sunset at the beach ,
Loco is the spanish word for crazy, ... I'm crazy about Escolano but, I'm trying to stay sane, so that means I'm "loco sane" about Escolano.
Escolano works as a barmaid, and if I go there and try to get a free soda, I don't brown nose, I try to "cola nose" a free soda from Escolano.
Eyes :
Escolano has beautiful brown eyes and when the energy from the sun shines on them they develop blue and green sparkles and are very alluring.
Big beautiful set :
Escolano has a big and beautiful set, Escolano is one of the few people in all of history that has actual cleavage. When Escolano sits in a chair and leans back to stretch and yawn there is no loss, Escolano still looks very, very nice.
M&M's :
Escolano eats peanut M&M's and likes cranberry juice.
Escolano has a perfectly shaped cranium.
Red Car :
Escolano has a red car. It has purple colored window tint with peace sign and gumby stickers on the back. I was driving right along side of Escolano one time, ...Escolano was talking to me, driving, and lookin' really sexy all at the same time.
Escolano is really "cool sane".
Calculator :
Escolano has a good calculator now, and if Escolano learns how to use it, it will increase Escolano's mathematical abilities.
Math Tutor :
I'm a good math tutor, and I've tried to help Escolano but,
whenever I'm near Escolano my brain turns goofy and sponge-like,
so Escolano thinks I'm an idiot.
Video Fish :
Escolano has a pet video goldfish nicknamed
"loose can" , which is short for loose cannon, but you know hey, how can you blame him.
Bodda-bing bodda-boong.
Jersey Girl :
Escolano is from New Jersey, Exit 153,
but now Escolano lives in Florida.

Gainseville :
Living in Gainseville right near University of Florida and driving once a week to see her mother would be less hours spent driving per week than living where Escolano does now and driving twice a week to University of South Florida.
Question :
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