Properties of Energy & Matter
By James Clifford Cranwell 7/22/98

Part V

At the quantum level there isn't anything we can actually perceive as color or shape. Color is a frequency traveling along one or more of the Flux strings. All we are able to see are the vibrations in a direction toward us... not the string or particle itself. The electron radii are the spines of an umbrella like structure without the fabric (The fabric of space doesn't have fabric). Light or vibration is conveyed to the atom than is added to the existing charge or vibration quantity until the threshold is exceeded and a quantum leap is made by adding other flux as connectors between electrons. This will give an instantaneous change in orbit or shell size. This process also changes the amount of repel or what we now know is actual "dimension" of individual particles in specific amounts. They can load or vibrate up to full 2-D charge, then upon discharge will be released in discrete packages or amounts and are called photons.
Electrons travel through free space at the near the speed of light. The speed of light is a vibration along the Flux particle field. An Electron force is an actual shape conversion of the particles as it traverses (a pulse like snapping in and out of 2-dimensions ). That's more work, so, it takes slightly longer. A stronger Electron force, for instance lightning, also has the effect of straightening out the zigzag property of the field lattice, thereby totally disrupting the proximity space-time.

Quantum Mechanical:
... A force is something that causes action to take place, and although there can be any number of forces working in unison or opposition. There can also be a series, or one force that is a direct result of another force, "this caused that". But, there is a limit to the number of forces that can be working in series, because there has to be an initial force or an ultimate beginning of any series. This can be quite perplexing, if we are at the ultimate beginning in the force series chain, there must be something causing the initial force, and it can't be another force or else we are not at the beginning and there will never be an initial force or beginning. So the initial force we have endeavored to extrapolate can't be a force at all. It can only be an intrinsic Mechanical vibration.

Quantum Weirdness:
... At a size or realm smaller than the electron orbital radius itself, light doesn't enter. Only highly charged particles with velocity high enough to disconnect from the continuum can. Any scientific measurements made in this manner are actually accomplished outside of space-time. Any particle that has charge high enough to disconnect from the field will have a speed completely irrelevant to light or anything else. part VI
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